About Jonathan Seto


An Industrial Designer residing in Houston, Tx

A 1st generation college student, born to Hong Kong Immigrants. A thinker, solutionist, but ultimately a DESIGNER.

I am a firm believer that every designer's journey is impacted by those around them, and is instilled with philosophies learnt by others and their shared experiences and upbringing. 

I chose to be an Industrial Designer because I want to question the norm, evoke emotion, but also get a clear Understanding of people's wants, needs, and desire for innovation. 

 I hope to truly understand people’s wants, needs and solve problems that occur in our everyday life. I hope to one day walk into a store and look at a product knowing that I had a part in making an impact on someone’s life and leave the world a better place than it was before, whether that product helps someone or simply puts a smile on someone’s face solely just on how it looks. I aspire to not only make a living from design, but ultimately make a difference.



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For freelance work inquiry please contact: Jxseto@gmail.com

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